2015 Call: Postdoctoral Fellowships


The Institute of Research in Humanities is proud to announce four new fellows for 2015:

  1. Ciprian Jeler, Groups, populations and statistics: Taking the ambiguity out of multi-level natural selection
  2. Christian Ferencz-Flatz, Benjamin’s Challenge to Husserl. A Critical Approach to the Phenomenology of Sensory Perception
  3. Kirsten Walsh, Newton’s Epistemic Triad
  4. Fabrizio Baldassarri, Unexpected relationships. Descartes Botanical and Chemical Sources

The four new fellows were selected following a harsh competition, from 19 excellent applications. All applications have been evaluated in a two steps process: (1) external evaluation of the applicant file and the research proposal (each application has been evaluated by two international scholars); (2) the first nine applicants that were placed on the short-list after the first stage have been selected to be discussed in a panel-committee.

All fellowships are for 6 months, with the possibility to extend them with another 2 months. They will start on 1 May 2015.

For an updated calendar and for the events organized by our new fellows, please check the Events section of our website (https://irhunibuc.wordpress.com/events/).


For the 4 fellowships announced, we received 19 applications.

The distribution regarding the academic disciplines is as follows:

  • History: 4 applications
  • Philology: 5 applications
  • Philosophy: 10 applications


  • History: Modern History, History of sociology, Medieval History, Contemporary History.
  • Philology: Cultural Studies, Japanese Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Medieval Studies, Visual Studies.
  • Philosophy: Ancient Philosophy, Anthropology, Applied Ethics, Critical Theory, Logic, Early Modern Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Science.

Original announcement:

Research fellowships

The Institute of Research in the Humanities of the University of Bucharest (IRH-UB) invites applications for 4 fellowships in all research areas of the Institute (philosophy, history, literature and philology, foreign languages, theology and religious studies). The fellowships are for 6 months, with the possibility of extension to 8 months.

We welcome candidates with a strong research profile and a strong track record of publications in international journals (at least 3 papers published in international peer-reviewed publications). The fellowship is open to all researchers, regardless of nationality or age, but preference will be given to candidates having defended their dissertation after February 1, 2010.

Residency requirement

Fellows are required to reside in Bucharest during their fellowship. Romanian scholars applying to this fellowship are required to have the accord of their home institution to work full time in the IRH-UB for the duration of the fellowship (employees of the University of Bucharest holding a permanent position are not eligible for this fellowship).

Deadline for submission: midnight, March 12, 2015.

Stipend: 2000 RON/ month (= approx. 454 euro, exempt from taxes).

All applications must be in English. The application (to be submitted via email at humanities@icub.unibuc.ro) should contain:

  • CV
  • list of publications
  • copy of the PhD certificate
  • sample writing (a published article)
  • names and contact details of 3 scholars who can write a letter of recommendation. Please note that recommendations will be asked by the Institute and should be submitted directly to the address humanities@icub.unibuc.ro
  • research proposal (maximum 4000 words, detailing the objectives, intended outcomes and the way in which the intended research can be carried out at the Institute for Research in Humanities, University of Bucharest).
  • the name and contact details of a potential host scholar/supervisor, who should be either (i) affiliated with the Institute; (ii) or with the University of Bucharest; (iii) or be affiliated with the Institute as one of the visiting scholars.

Calendar (updated):

  • Announcement of the competition: February 12, 2015
  • Deadline for submitting the applications: March 12, 2015 (midnight)
  • Announcement of the results: April 20, 2015.
  • Beginning of the fellowship: May 1, 2015.

Fellows are expected to be actively involved in the academic life of the Institute (for more details see https://irhunibuc.wordpress.com/), and take part in the events organized by the IRH-UB. Fellows are required to present their work in the Institute’s seminars, and to submit for publication one research article in an international peer-reviewed journal.

For more details, please contact us at humanities@icub.unibuc.ro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the PhD title a requirement for the application?
A: Yes, the competition is only for postdoctoral researchers.

Q: Can independent researchers participate in this call?
A: Yes.

Q: If I have another fellowship, can I apply to this call?
A: Postdoctoral researchers who currently have another fellowship are not eligible to this call, unless the other fellowship ends by the time of signing the contract with the University of Bucharest (April 16, 2015).

Q: Is there a language constraint for the “sample writing” requirement?
A: The article submitted as a sample writing in the application should be in either English, French, or German. However, the applicant list of publications can include publications in other languages.