John Symons, “Progress in posthuman science”

foto johnDate: 27 November 2015, 18h00

Abstract: In this talk I examine the concept of scientific progress by reflecting on what it would mean for non-, or post-human scientific projects to make progress.  I argue that traditional conceptions of progress involving convergence of inquiry to truth in the limit are not fitting for computationally intensive science.  Software dependent science will not converge to the truth in the ways philosophers have traditionally assumed.

BioJohn Symons is Chair and Professor of the Philosophy Department at the University of Kansas. Symons received his PhD from Boston University. His research interests include metaphysics and epistemology of science, the philosophy of psychology, and epistemic logic.  He is currently working on the effects of software on scientific inquiry.

Place1 Dimitrie Brandza St., RO-060102, Bucharest, Romania

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