Half-Day Workshop – 26 February 2016

This is part of the series of workshops organized by Dr. Iulian D. Toader

Ora de incepere: 17:00 (Faculty of Philosophy)


Alexandru Dragomir (Bucharest) “An Interpretation of Edgington’s Verificationist Thesis in an Epistemic Temporal Framework”
Constantin-C. Brincus (Bucharest) “Inferring to the best explanation of first order logical truths”
Andrei Sipos (Bucharest) “Analyticity in arithmetic: an approach via proof theory”

1. Dorothy Edgington, “The Paradox of Knowability” in Mind 94, 557-568, 1985.
2. Stewart Shapiro, “The status of Logic” in Paul Boghossian & Christopher Peacocke (eds.), New Essays on the a Priori, Oxford Univ. Press, 333 -367, 2000.
3. Curtis Franks, “Cut as consequence” in History and Philosophy of Logic, 31, 349-379, 2010.