New IRH-ICUB Seminar – The Devil in Politics

Convenors: Ana PETRACHE and Laurențiu GHEORGHE

Why is politics defined as a transaction with the Devil? Does this definition assume a justification of evil, a useful metaphor or an export of responsibility? Is the political struggle built on the Schmittian distinction between friend-foe or dose the diazotization of the enemy serve as a legitimation tool? Is speaking about the devil a secularization of the theological concept of evil, designed to simplify the political discourse, or is it something in the political experience so strange and so deep that it needs to be justified by a mythological figure? What is the relationship between violence, political order and evil?

We invite you to a common reflection about the role and meaning of the devil, concerning how it was understood in Christianity and Islam, but most importantly, how this notion is used when one speaks about evil in politics: totalitarian regimes, terrorist attacks or disproportionate usage of violence.

First meeting – 6 April, 18.30. The seminar will take place on alternate Thursdays. 

More details here.