Digital Humanities, 2018-2019

The series on Digital Humanities (DH) hosted by the IRH-ICUB is a place to gather scholars interested to discuss projects combining traditional scholarship in the humanities with the use of digital tools. The series focuses on examples of good practice in DH, discussing case studies, digital tools, or large digital projects. Topics for the next academic year include, but they are not limited to:

  • How to deal with the data?
  • From computational linguistics to digital humanities.
  • Digital forms of publication.
  • How to build a DH project?
  • Visualization technology

The meetings of the DH series will take place every month. The series is organized by Mihnea Dobre. For questions about the program, please send a message at

Please register for attending the meetings. For registration, please send a message to


November 2018
1 November (11:00-13:00), Gabriel Hancean (Social Sciences Division, ICUB), Research notes on whole, ego and personal networks. Lessons learnt from the iCoNiC research project

December 2018
3 December (11:30-13:00), Verginica Barbu Mititelu (Romanian Academy Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence), On the Reference Corpus of the Contemporary Romanian Language (CoRoLa)

April 2019
10 April 2019 (11:00-13:00)Roundtable discussion: Open Access (OA) and Digital Infrastructure, Koen Vermeir (CNRS) & Mihnea Dobre (ICUB)

Abstract. Recent years have witnessed an increased process of digitization of many historical sources. Most of these resources are openly available to the public via an internet connection. However, there is a high-level of fragmentation among Digital Humanities (DH) projects. Furthermore, most of the secondary literature remains behind paywalls. The roundtable discussion hosted by the Humanities division of the ICUB aims to stimulate a debate along two of the key components of DH: the promotion of open access (OA) and the need of strong digital infrastructures at the university level.

18 April 2019 (17:00-19:00), Liviu Dinu (University of Bucharest), From proto-word reconstruction to word production: tools for computational historical linguistics.

June 2019
20 June 2019 (13.00-15.00)Roundtable discussion: Early Modern Texts and Modern Libraries – Scott Mandelbrote (Cambridge University)

Past events
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