Talk: Babrak Ibrahimy (University of Derby, UK), ‘Einstimmung’ and ways of life in Wittgenstein – a political interpretation, 22 May 2019

Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 18h, Faculty of Philosophy, Titu Maiorescu Room (Splaiul Independentei 204)

Babrak Ibrahimy (University of Derby, UK), ‘Einstimmung’ and ways of life in Wittgenstein – a political interpretation

Abstract: Wittgenstein uses the terms Einstimmung (consensus) and Lebensformen (ways of life) in a peculiar way. In his own work, they are rarely used politically, and yet, for students of political theory it is hard to see how these terms can been understood apolitically. It is therefore not surprising that, while always implicitly present, recent years have seen a rise of explicit use of Wittgenstein’s work in political theory. In this paper, I want to borrow Wittgenstein’s insights and connect his view to Carl’s Schmitt’s notion of the political. On the one hand, the move is not too radical precisely because at the outset of his treatise Schmitt refers to politics as competing ways of life. On the other hand, Schmitt and Wittgenstein could not be more different. This paper does not therefore aim to synthesise the two scholars, but only to show a possible political reading of Wittgenstein’s work.

Talk organised within the Wittgenstein’s Phenomenology: Bridging the Analytic-Continental Gap seminar, in collaboration with the Department of Theoretical Philosophy.