Ramism and its Influence on 17th Century Encyclopaedism, 8 November 2019

1569 - Ramus, Scholarum mathematicarum (ed. 1599)_006

Petrus Ramus (1515 – 1572) was one of the most influential educational reformers in history. Although his views in specific fields such as logic or mathematics are overlooked by the historians of the respective disciplines, the influence of Ramism in the 17th century is widely recognized (e.g. on Baconianism, Cartesianism, Pansophism etc.). Research in this direction was already undertaken by scholars such as Walter J. Ong or more recently Howard Hotson. However, there is still more to be said on the relation between Ramus and the early modern encyclopedists and this workshop will focus on Ramist metaphysics, physics, logic and mathematics and their respective influences in the case of figures such as Bartholomäus Keckermann, Johann Heinrich Alsted, Johann Heinrich Bisterfeld, John Amos Comenius, or János Apáczai Csere. These influence is to be addressed also considering the institutional and interdenominational contexts in which they occurred.


– Danilo Facca (Polish Academy of Sciences) – The debate on Ramism and the metaphysics of the early Schulphilosophie (Altdorf, Helmstedt, Torun)

– Stefan Hessbrügen-Walter (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow) – Ramist Physics: an Overview

– Petr Pavlas (Czech Academy of Sciences) – “Lex secundum qvam disponuntur omnia”. Trichotomic trees in Jan Amos Comenius’s pansophical metaphysics and metaphorics

– Iovan Drehe (ICUB Humanities) – Petrus Ramus and János Apáczai Csere on logic and mathematics