Dr. Adina Camelia Bleotu

Camelia BleotuYoung Researchers Grant (UB)

15 January 2018- 14 January 2019

Bio Bleotu Adina Camelia is currently a teaching assistant of English and English linguistics at the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the University of Bucharest. She holds a PhD degree in linguistics from Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, with a doctoral thesis entitled “Towards a Theory of Denominal Verbs in English and Romanian”, written under the supervision of Professor Alessandra Giorgi. Her areas of interest are quite varied and encompass topics such as denominal verbs from a spanning perspective, compounds, the interaction between modals and negation, agreement phenomena, scalar implicatures. She has presented at many international linguistic conferences in Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus, Switzerland, Germany, Austria a.o., and she has also published some of her work in various proceedings and journals, hoping to soon publish her doctoral thesis as well.

Project titleExperimental Pragmatics in Romanian

Project description: The research project investigates the role of the semantico-pragmatic interface in the acquisition of Romanian, with a special focus on scalarity. More specifically, the project aims to study the acquisition of quantifiers such as “unii”/ “cȃțiva” (“some”) and of modal verbs such as “trebuie” (“must”) or “poate” (“may”/”can”) and examine in what way children differ from adults and also among each other (depending on the age group: 5 year olds, 7 year olds, 9 year olds). It has been claimed for other languages (English, French, Greek a.o) that children are more logical than adults. For instance, unlike adults, who understand “some” as “not all”, children will usually not generate scalar implicatures in the interpretation of a sentence such as “Some giraffes have long necks”, understanding it as (logically) true. The current project aims to see whether children display a similar linguistic behaviour in Romanian as well and in what way it can be accounted for.