October 2015 – July 2016Toader

Bio:  Iulian D. Toader is a philosopher of science, whose research interests range from the history of philosophy of science and the foundations of mathematics to contemporary naturalized metaphysics and philosophy of physics. He recently guest-edited a special issue of Foundations of Physics, and co-edited the volume Romanian Studies in Philosophy of Science for the Springer series Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science. (More info at is.gd/itoad71)

Project title: The Epistemology of Categoricity

Project description: Contemporary logicians and philosophers have focused much attention on categoricity arguments, i.e., arguments that a theory possesses an essentially unique interpretation. My project undertakes an analysis of the epistemological and metaphysical significance of non-categoricity. The foundation for such an analysis is the rejection of the nowadays still widely held assumption that without categoricity our pursuit of objectivity and understanding in contemporary science cannot succeed. The rejection of this assumption opens up a vast territory for philosophical investigations.