Dr. Svetlana Tsonkova


1 June 2017 – 31 May 2018

Bio: Dr. Svetlana Tsonkova holds MA degrees in Classical Philology and Medieval Studies, and a PhD in Medieval Studies. Her doctoral dissertation is on cultural analysis of medieval and early modern Bulgarian verbal charms, and their roles and applications in everyday life. Dr. Tsonkova has a number of publications on verbal magic, supernatural figures, crisis rites, popular beliefs and demonology.

Project title: Human Agency in Verbal Magic in Bulgaria and Romania (17th – 19th century)

Project Description: As a Fellow in the Institute for Research in the Humanities (IRH-ICUB) at the University of Bucharest, Romania, she will be working on a project, entitled Human Agency in Verbal Magic in Bulgaria and Romania (17th – 19th century). The project’s focus in on comparative research of the interactions and transmissions between Bulgarian and Romanian cultures in the sphere of verbal magic and popular religion.