Facets of “Participation” in the Renaissance and the Early Modern Period, 19-21 April 2018

Invited speakers: Igor Agostini (Università del Salento), James Bryson  (University of Cambridge), Douglas Hedley (University of Cambridge), Sarah Hutton (University of York), Torrance Kirby (McGill University), David Leech (University of Bristol), Marilyn A. Lewis (University of Bristol), Adrian Mihai (University of Cambridge).

Organized by: Bogdan – Antoniu Deznan, Irina Georgescu, Remus Manoila

The concept of participation is one of the most important and enduring strains within European religious and philosophical thinking. Discernable for the first time in the works of Plato, it was later taken up and further developed by the Neo-Platonists and through their influence became a staple of late antique and medieval thought. While it retained its prominence in the Renaissance and the Early Modern period, starting with the eighteenth century the theme of participation gradually lost its philosophical currency. The purpose of the workshop is to examine the various articulations of participation in some of the theological and philosophical writings of the period between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, especially in the English milieu. It is primarily concerned with highlighting the peculiar features of this theme under its Renaissance and Early Modern guises in connection with epistemological and metaphysical issues. Special attention is also paid to the extent of the Cambridge Platonists’ engagement with this topic and the manner in which figures such as Henry More and Ralph Cudworth appropriated it in their philosophical and theological writings.

This event is envisioned as a three day workshop and will consist of academic papers delivered by invited scholars as well as reading groups organized for the last two days. The masterclass is open to any researchers, from M.A. students to doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, up to established scholars.

 For any further information, please write to: iocarioculian@yahoo.com.