Former and current research projects carried out in our Institute:

Dr. Iordan Avramov: The Early Royal Society of London and their Queries for Natural History

Dr. Fabrizio Baldassarri, Unexpected relationships. Descartes Botanical and Chemical Sources 

Dr. Justin Begley, Margaret Cavendish: The Last Natural Philosopher

Dr. Adina Camelia Bleotu, Experimental Pragmatics in Romanian

Dr. Oana Maria Cojocaru, Becoming adult: the ambiguity of adolescence and youth in Byzantium (eighth to twelfth centuries)

Dr. Matthew R. X. Dentith, The Ethics of Investigation: When are we obliged to take conspiracy theories seriously?

Dr. Christian Ferencz-Flatz, Benjamin’s Challenge to Husserl. A Critical Approach to the Phenomenology of Sensory Perception

Dr. Ciprian Jeler, Groups, populations and statistics: Taking the ambiguity out of multi-level natural selection

Dr. Corina Ilea, Strategies of Visibility: Mediated Migration

Dr. Viktor Ilievski, Free agency and Causation in Plato

Dr. Stefan C. Ionescu, Restitution of Jewish Property in Postwar Romania, 1945-1950

Dr. Divna Manolova, Curiosity and Polymathy in Byzantine Discourses of Science and Philosophy (13th–15th Centuries)

Dr. Alessandro Nannini, Sulzer and the rediscovery of the obscure in the German Enlightenment

Dr. Alexandru Nicolae, Towards a uniform syntactic analysis of modal verb configurations in Romanian

Dr. Timothy Tambassi, New Perspectives for an Ontology of Geography

Dr. Cătălin Țăranu, The Many Battles of Maldon: Historical Truth and the Emergence of the Event in Early Medieval History-writing

Dr. Svetlana Tsonkova, Human Agency in Verbal Magic in Bulgaria and Romania (17th – 19th century)

Dr. Tzuchien Tho: Vis, Vi, Vim: Declinations of Force in Leibniz’s Dynamics

Dr.  Iulian D. Toader: The Epistemology of Categoricity

Dr. Kirsten Walsh, Newton’s Epistemic Triad