The Institute for Research in the Humanities is looking for interns working voluntarily in the next academic year. The interns would help with organising and promoting the events at the IRH-ICUB. See the full announcement here (in Romanian)

Current interns

Ovidiu Babeș is a PhD student at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest. His dissertation deals with the connections between Descartes’ mathematics and his natural philosophy. He is also interested in early modern British experimental philosophy, history of mathematics and philosophy of language.


Irina Georgescu is a Masters student in British Cultural Studies at the University of Bucharest, with a BA diploma in World and Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Letters of the same university. She has also studied classical music and her research interests have never been too far from music. In her BA diploma (2014) Irina studied the intellectual background of early modern music and its relation to melancholy and the imagination, and in 2015 published ‘Ariel. Spiritul-muzică bine-temperat’ in the Verso magazine.

Amalia Trepca is a M.A. student at the Faculty of Philosophy currently working on her M.A.thesis, which focuses on the work of Walter Benjamin. Her areas of interest are phenomenology, German idealism and critical theory.

Past interns

Dan Siserman studied Philosophy and Theology in Vienna (BA) and Cluj-Napoca (MA) and now is a PhD Student at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest. His research topic for his PhD thesis focuses on Joachim of Fiore’s hermeneutics of history. His research interests include metaphysics, political theology and religious studies.

Claudia Dumitru is a M.A. student enrolled in the M.A. program of Analytic Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest. Her main area of research interest is in history and philosophy of science, with a focus on the second part of the seventeenth century in England and especially on the Royal Society. Her current research – and her project as a member of the larger From natural history to science: the emergence of experimental philosophy project – deals with the evolving relation between memory and natural history in the natural philosophy of the seventeenth century, with an emphasis on Bacon and on the circles of the Royal Society.