IRH-ICUB Lunchtime Seminar

The lunchtime seminar is the current research seminar of the IRH-ICUB, in which fellows and affiliated researchers of the IRH-ICUB are presenting work-in-progress. It takes place every Thursday during term-time (October-June). The seminar begins at 1.30 pm with an informal brown-bag lunch. From 2 pm, the speaker has one hour to present his/her work in progress, followed by 1 hour of discussions. The purpose of the seminar is to provide a collegial, interdisciplinary and competitive environment in which scholars can try and test their ideas and sharpen their arguments. The seminar is open to fellows of the Institute and associate researchers and their guests. If you wish to participate, please send an email at

Program (2018):

Thu 11 January 2018 – Viktor Ilievski (IRH-ICUB Fellow) – Aristotelian causes in Plato’s Timaeus? 

Thu 1 February 2018 – Oana Cojocaru  (IRH-ICUB Fellow), Byzantine adolescence: concept and contexts

Thu 15 February 2018 – Alessandro Nannini (IRH-ICUB Fellow), The Obscure Ground of the Soul: A Central Idea of the German Enlightenment at the Crossroads of Theology, Psychology and Aesthetics

Thu 22 February 2018 – Adina Camelia Bleotu (IRH-ICUB Grant), Scalar implicatures with quantifiers in Romanian. Are children more logical than adults?

Thu 8 March 2018 – Cornelia Ilie (Malmö University / IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), Parliamentary language of power in a gender perspective: Sexist stereotyping in the UK Parliament

Thu 22 March 2018 – Alexandru Nicolae (IRH-ICUB Grant), TBA

Thu 29 March 2018 – Svetlana Tsonkova (IRH-ICUB Fellow), TBA

Tuesday 22 May 2018 – Brad Gregory (University of Notre Dame), TBA

Thu 07 June 2018 – Divna Manolova (Marie Skłodowska-Curie/POLONEZ 1 Fellow, University of Silesia/ IRH-ICUB Alumna), The Mirror of the Moon and the Moon in the Mirror: Demetrios Triklinios’ on Lunar Theory

Thu 14 June 2018 – Sorin Bangu (University of Bergen/ IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), TBA


Past events:


Wednesday 20 December 2017, 3 pm – Ioan Muntean (University of North Carolina Asheville), Varieties of scientific realism: the roles of principles, laws, and computation

Thu 14 December 2017 – Nancy S. Jecker (University of Washington/ IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor) The Future of Population Aging: Lessons from Romania and China

Thu 7 December 2017 – Cătalin Țăranu (IRH-ICUB Fellow) ‘Beyond Fact or Fiction: The Battle of Maldon Across Medieval Modes of History-writing

Thu 23 November 2017 – Donca Steriade (MIT/ IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor) Intervals and grammars of rhyme

Thu 16 November 2017 – Mogens Laerke (ENS Lyon), Spinoza on Common Notions

Thu 9 November 2017 – Jennifer Radden (University of Massachusetts Boston / IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor) Defining Mental Illness: Some Philosophical Considerations

Thu 2 November 2017 – Stefano Gulizia (CUNY / IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), Prisca Historia. Rethinking Francesco Patrizi’s Anti-Aristotelian Philology from Humanist Doxography to English Empiricism

Thu 19 October 2017, 10.00 AM – Course Images of the Knowledge System Pivoted Around Cosmology,  Matteo Valleriani (Max-Planck Institute Berlin / IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), Faculty of Philosophy

Thu 12 October 2017 – Svetlana Tsonkova (IRH-ICUB Fellow) Verbal Magic in Bulgaria and Romania (17th – 19th century) – Structural and Contextual Comparisons and Contrasts

Thu 5 October 2017 – Roberta D’Alessandro (Utrecht University / IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor) Language and Languages. On the importance of linguistic variation as a means to understand the human mind

Thu 28 September 2017 – Corina Ilea (IRH-ICUB Fellow) Images at a Distance: Witnessing, Remembering, Sharing



Thu 18 May 2017 – María M. Carrión (Emory University), Sixteenth-century European Herbaria.  Location, Conservation, Knowledge, Access

Thu 11 May 2017 – Dimitris Michalopoulos (The Institute of Hellenic Maritime History, Athens / IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), The problem of peasantry in Eastern Europe and the solution given in Romania

Thu 4 May 2017 – Thomas Cousineau (Washington College /IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), The Daedalus Complex: Uncanny Designs in Modernist Writing

Thu 27 April 2017 –Viktor Ilievski (IRH-ICUB Fellow), Freedom and Determinism in Plato’s Myth of Er

Thu 13 April 2017 – Salvatore di Piazza (University of Palermo/ University of Brussels), Believing is said in many ways. On the Greek notion of pistis

Thu 06 April 2017 – Liviu Giosan (MIT/ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/ IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), Anthropocene: A Chance to Bridge the Gap between the ‘Two Cultures’?

Thu 23 March 2017 – Ionuț Epurescu-Pascovici (New Europe College – Institute for Advanced Studies), History and Human Agency: Western Ego-Documents, c. 1100-1450

Thu 16 March 2017 – Adina Dragomirescu (University of Bucharest), Language contact and convergence: Old Church Slavonic and Old Romanian

Thu 9 March 2017 – Corina Ilea (IRH-ICUB Fellow), Mediated Migrations

Thu 2 March 2017 – Diego Lucci (American University in Bulgaria), The Burning of the Racovian Catechism in Jacobean England: A Four-Century -Old Historical Myth

Thu 23 February 2017 – Tamara Cărăuș (ICUB, Social Sciences Division), Assuming Bare Life? Agamben on the Condition of Refugees and the Coming Politics

Thu 16 February 2017 – Martin Maiden (Oxford University/ IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), On the Substance of Autonomous Morphology

Thu 9 February 2017 – Iulian Toader (Utrecht University/ IRH-ICUB alumnus), The Permanence of Forms in Quantum Mechanics

Thu 2 February 2017 – Massimo Leone (University of Turin/ IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), Cognition and Emotion in Visual Hermeneutics

Thu 26 January 2017 –Ionut Alexandru-Tudorie (University of Bucharest), The French Institute of Byzantine Studies (IFEB) and the Romanian Academia (1937-1949)

Thu 19 January 2017 – Matteo Valleriani (Max-Planck Institute Berlin), The Sphere: Knowledge System Evolution and the Shared Scientific Identity of Europe

Thu 15 December 2016 – Matjaž Vesel (Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts), Galileo Galilei as a Peripatetic: Necessary Demonstrations, Demonstrative Regress and the Moon like the Second Earth

Thu 8 December 2016 – Timothy Tambassi (IRH-ICUB Fellow) The Philosophy of Geo-Ontologies

Thu 24 November 2016 –Antoni Malet (University of Barcelona) Mathematizing vision: Della Porta, Kepler, and beyond

Thu 17 November 2016 – Paul Greenham (Tel Aviv University), Representation in Newton’s: Mathematics a Translational Approach

Thu 10 November 2016 – Divna Manolova (New Europe College Returning Fellow/ IRH-ICUB alumna), Redefining Exactness in Late Byzantine Astronomy

Thu 3 November 2016 – Matthew R. X. Dentith (IRH-ICUB Fellow), Expertise and Conspiracy Theories: On the improvised nature of conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorising

Thu 13 October 2016 – Dana Jalobeanu (IRH-ICUB), Francis Bacon on mixed-sciences and the organization of knowledge

Thu 6 October 2016 – Gabriel Sandu (University of Helsinki/ IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor), Dependence and Independence in Logic

Thu 29 September 2016 – Stefan Ionescu (IRH-ICUB Fellow), Restitution of Jewish Property in post-Holocaust Bucharest, 1944-1950


Thu 16 June 2016Diana Stanciu (IRH-ICUB), Consciousness: Descartes and His Critics

Thu 9 June 2016 – Grigore Vida (New Europe College), A Romanian Edition of Descartes’ Complete Correspondence: Challenges and Results

Thu 2 June 2016Marian Coman (University of Bucharest), Dynastic Self-Fashioning in Sixteenth-Century Wallachia

Thu 19 May 2016 – Alberto Vanzo (University of Warwick), Giorgio Baglivi, Seventeenth-Century Baconianism, and the Derivation of Principles from Experience

Thu 12 May 2016 – Tzuchien Tho (Milan University), Why must (local) motion be continuous? Leibniz’s abstract and concrete space of motion

Thu 28 April and Thu 5 May 2016 – Easter holyday.

Thu 21 April 2016 – Alexandra Parvan (University of Pitesti), Metaphysical Care for Chronic Patients: Monistic Dualism and the Body Electric

Thu 14 April 2016 – Workshop on Simplification and Reductionism in Early Modern Natural Philosophy

Peter Anstey (IRH-ICUB/ Sydney), The coherence of cohesion in the later Leibniz

Laura Georgescu (University of Ghent), Forms of simplification in the constitution of a ‘scientific’ phenomenon: magnetic inclination

Martin Lenz (University of Groningen), Science and Simplicity

Doina-Cristina Rusu (University of Bucharest), Bacon’s metaphysics: Forms, motions and pneumatic matter

Thu 07 April 2016 – Michael Hunter (Birkbeck, University of London), The Image of Restoration Science: The Frontispiece to Thomas Sprat’s History of the Royal Society (1667)

Thu 31 March 2016 – Silvia Manzo (National University of La Plata), Matter’s quantity and the order of nature in Francis Bacon

Thu 24 March 2016 – Peter Anstey (Visiting Professor at the IRH-ICUB/ University of Sydney), Experimental moral philosophy?

Thu 17 December 2015Adrian Currie (University of Calgary), From models-as-fictions to models-as-tools

Thu 10 December 2015Kirsten Walsh (IRH-ICUB) – Direct and Indirect Representation in Newton’s Natural Philosophy

Thu 3 December  2015Ionut Tudorie (IRH-ICUB) – May they not decay after death: In Search of the Uncorrupt Body of Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos (1258-1282).

Thu 26 November 2015Christian Ferencz-Flatz (IRH-ICUB), Perception as a mass-phenomenon. Benjamin’s theory of „collective reception“ and its philosophical roots

Thu 19 November 2015Delphine Bellis (Radboud University Nijmegen), Gassendi’s Theory of Space and its Relation to his Conception of Mathematics

Thu 12 November 2015Franco A. Meschini (Universita del Salento), Entre le De Homine (1662) et l’Homme (1664). Matériaux et problématiques pour une édition critique de l’Homme de Descartes

Thu 5 November 2015Daniel Garber (Princeton University) – Telesio among the novatores

Thu 29 October  2015Ciprian Jeler (IRH-ICUB) – What kind of environment is required for natural selection?

Thu 22 October 2015Fabrizio Baldassari (IRH-ICUB) – Descartes’ Philosophy of Medicine. Mechanical Theory, Botanical Practice: a Possible Therapeutics

Thu 15 October 2015 – Divna Manolova (IRH-ICUB) – Polymathy and Intellectual Curiosity in Late Byzantium: Preliminary Remarks

Thu 8 October 2015 – Andrew Janiak (Duke University), Presentation of the Project VOX

Thu 1 October 2015 – Round table & future projects

Thu 24 September 2015 – Doina Cristina Rusu (Romanian Academy – Iasi Branch), Describing Women in Early Modern Philosophy and Medicine

Fri 18 September 2015 Fabrizio Baldassari (IRH-ICUB), René Descartes’ Underdeveloped Studies. Completing His Natural Philosophy


Thu 18 June 2015Ciprian Jeler (IRH-ICUB), Multi-level selection and the notion of “biological population”

Thu 11 June 2015Christian Ferencz-Flatz (IRH-ICUB), “Tactile Perception” in Benjamin and Phenomenology

Thu 4 June  2015 Ioan Muntean (University of Notre Dame – The Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values & University of North Carolina, Asheville), Philosophy of complexity: contingency, laws, simulation (with a detour in Leibniz and Russell)

Thu 28 May 2015 – Erdmann Görg (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Newton and Euler on the Basic Principles of Mechanics

Thu 21 May 2015 Cristina Ionescu (CUA, Washington DC), The Method of Dialectics in Plato’s Philebus

Thu 14 May  2015 –  Kirstin Walsh (IRH-ICUB), Newton’s Philosophy of Science

Thu 7 May  2015Iordan Avramov (IRH-ICUB), Communicating about Objects and Communicating Objects at the Early Royal Society; The Evidence of the Correspondence of Henry Oldenburg

Wed 22 April 2015On IHR-ICUB projects and perspectives (Dana Jalobeanu, Mihnea Dobre, Cristian Ciocan)