New Work in Logic and Philosophy of Science, 15 June 2018

Organizer: Sorin Bangu (Univ. Bergen/ ICUB-IRH Visiting Professor)

The conference showcases work-in-progress in logic, philosophy of mathematics and science by leading philosophers. The main aim of the event is to offer the audience a sense of what is currently taken to be relevant concerns in these fields; naturally, the speakers will also indicate possible directions in which progress can be made. The talks, followed by generous Q&A periods, will cover a large variety of issues, from formal logic to philosophy of medicine and philosophical issues in the sociology of high-energy physics. More specifically, the topics include: the challenge of justifying causal claims in medicine, the very logic of causal dependencies, the possibility to connect deterministic and indeterministic descriptions of physical systems, the distinction between deductive and inductive knowledge as relevant for understanding mathematical proofs, as well as reflections on natural kinds and the way in which high-energy physics laboratories produce knowledge.

Speakers: G. Sandu (Helsinki), A. Barberousse (Paris Sorbonne), R. Lie (Bergen), V. Ardourel (Louvain), A. C. Paseau (Oxford), S. Perovic (Belgrade).



9.15 Coffee and welcome

9.30 Alexander Paseau (Oxford) — Scientific and Mathematical Epistemology: Blurring the Boundaries

10.45 Reidar Lie (Bergen) — The challenge of justifying causal claims in medicine

12.00 Anouk Barberousse (Paris Sorbonne)– Natural Kinds: A New Synthesis (joint work with Françoise Longy, Francesca Merlin and Stéphanie Ruphy)

13.15 – 14.30 Lunch (place TBD)

14.30 Slobodan Perovic (Belgrade) — Egalitarian Paradise or Factory Drudgery? Organizing Knowledge Production in High Energy Physics Laboratories

15.45 Gabriel Sandu (Helsinki) — A logical framework for expressing functional, counterfactual, probabilistic, and causal dependencies

17.00 Vincent Ardourel (Louvain) — Infinite limit, Brownian motion and stochasticity

18.15 End of workshop