Ramus Workshop, 3 May 2018

Location: IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1, Bucharest

Petrus Ramus was seen by his contemporaries, if we are to use a somewhat anachronistic term, as an “utilitarian” (lat. Usarius). This was because he considered that every art and science should be taught as efficiently as possible and its fruits should benefit men. This was his initial project in respect to dialectic and rhetoric and later he approached the study and teaching of mathematics in the same manner. In this workshop we aim to discuss certain features of Ramus’s views on the art and sciences in the context of his educational interests, with a special focus on technology, mathematics and physics.


09:00-09:50 Koen Vermeir: “Ramus, technology and the systematization of the arts”

09:50-10:40 Iovan Drehe, “Ramus’s mathematical physics in the context of his Platonism”

10:40-11:00 Coffee

11:00-12:30 Round table discussion (Ovidiu Babes, Mihnea Dobre, Dana Jalobeanu, Grigore Vida): “Branching out Ramus: mathematics, dialectics, and the reform of traditional disciplines.” Discussion of selected parts of Ramus’ Dialectique.
12:30-13:00: Coffee

The workshop is organized under the framework of the national research grant (code: PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2016-0228), “The emergence of mathematical physics in the context of experimental philosophy.”