Talk: Dan Cautis (Georgetown University), The Problems and Limitations of Scientism, 15 May 2017

talk Dan Cautis

Date: 15 May 2017, 14h

The ongoing extraordinary success of science and technology started with the beginning of the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century empowered a new mechanistic, materialist-physicalist metaphysics that morphed into scientism (the claim that science can explain the whole reality) and in the process brushed aside the Aristotelian-Thomisitc metaphysics.

This claim was suspect from the beginning, but a number of factors (among which was the zeitgeist generated by Enlightenment and the anti-Church, anti-clerical attitudes of the last few centuries) made the positivist, scientist view of the world predominant among the scientists during late nineteenth and the beginning of twentieth centuries.

There are however, serious limitations and problem with this view (the dismissing attitude towards philosophy, the inability to coherently explain quantum realities, the issues of mind-matter and consciousness, the extreme reductionism in biology, etc.) that will be emphasized in the presentation.