Prof. Adam Ledgeway (University of Cambridge) – talks at the Facultydhc-adam-ledgeway of Letters

Date: 23 and 24 February 2017

Faculty of Letters

Lee Basham (South Texas College): Media and government afis-lee-bashaminvestigation in democracies: How toxic truths subvert them

Date: Monday, 21 November, 18h00

Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe (Lincoln School of Fine and Performing Arts, University of Lincoln) – anunt-dinkgrafeTowards a Theatre of the Heart

Date: Thursday, 17 November,  17h, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (Pitar Mos st., 7-13), Sala de Consiliu


Andrew Irvine (University of British Andrew_Irvine_Faculty_page36579Columbia): Two Theories of Academic  Freedom

Date: 19 April 2016, 16h00


Falk Wunderlich (Martin-Luther-
WunderlichUniversität Halle-Wittenberg): Thinking matter in Germany, 1770-1790

Date: 3 March 2016, 18h00


Miklos Redei (London School of Economics): Informal, early reception of Imre Lakatos’ “Proofs and RefutationsRedei_2008Feb

Date: 17 December 2015

John Symons (University of Kansas): Progress in posthuman sciencefoto john

Date: 27 November 2015, 18h00

Julian Hanich (University of Groningen): I, You and We:Bild-2_klein1 Sketch for a Phenomenology of the Collective Cinema Experience

Date: 27 October 2015, 18h00

Karin kuka_portraitKuchler (Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Iași / Universität Wien): Historiography and the Definition of Philosophy

Date: 16 June 2015, 18h00

Philip Beeley IMG_1421_s(University of Oxford): Reconstructing scientific networks in the seventeenth century: John Wallis and his correspondence

Date: 11 June 2015, 18h00

Aurélien DA.D. photoemars (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 / Université de Limoges): Apocalypse, eschatologie : le mal de l’histoire selon Cioran

Date: 15 May 2015, 18h00

SouleymaneWP_20150513_13_16_00_Pro (2) Bachir Diagne (Columbia University): The philosopher as translator

Date: 13 May 2015, 13h00

Sven Dupré (Max-Planck-Institut Berlin): Doing it Wrong. The Translation of Artisanal Knowledge and the Codification of Error

Date: 9 April 2015, 18h00

Shunzo majimaMajima (Hokkaido University): Research Ethics in the Japanese Context

Date: 27 February 2015, 18h00

Enrico Pasini (University of Turin): Early Modern Theories of Passions and the European Mind

Date: 15 January 2015, 17h00