The Phenomenological Analysis of Axiomatic Mathematics

Project title: The Phenomenological Analysis of Axiomatic Mathematics

Contract nr.: 17 from 12/07/2017

Project Code:  PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2016-0531 

Principal Investigator: Dr. Iulian D. Toader

Abstract. This project proposes an investigation of the phenomenological approach to axiomatic mathematics, an approach illustrated in the works of Edmund Husserl, Oskar Becker, Dietrich Mahnke, Felix Kaufmann, and Kurt Goedel. It focuses, in particular, on the problems of mathematical understanding and conceptual change, and it aims at providing a novel, naturalistic interpretation of their phenomenological solutions.


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Dr. Iulian D. Toader is a philosopher of science, whose research interests range from the history of philosophy of science and the foundations of mathematics to contemporary naturalized metaphysics and philosophy of physics. He guest-edited a special issue of Foundations of Physics, and co-edited the volume Romanian Studies in Philosophy of Science for the Springer series Boston Studies in the Philosophy and History of Science. (More info at philpapers)

Experienced Researcher: Prof. dr. Ilie Parvu

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