Topics in Analytic Philosophy 3, 19-20 April 2019

 Faculty of Philosophy, Splaiul Independenței 204, sector 6

Topics in Analytic Philosophy is a series of workshops initiated by researchers from Romania (Adrian Briciu and Dan Zeman) and Serbia (Miljana Milojević and Ljubomir Stefanović), with the aim of forging and sustaining academic collaboration between analytic philosophers from the two neighboring countries. It focuses on issues and themes from all areas of analytic philosophy: philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, philosophy of action, political philosophy etc. The format of the meetings is the following: 4 speakers from each country present their work and participants from the other country provide comments and feedback. Each meeting lasts two days. The selection of speakers and commentators is made by means of internal calls, the roster of each meeting depending on the availability of those contacted.

The third meeting of the series takes place on 19-20 April 2019 and is hosted by the University of Bucharest. This meeting features 17 participants, 4 on the Serbian side (Vojislav Božičković, Milan Jovanović and Miljana Milojević – speakers, Vanja Subotić – commentator) and 12 on the Romanian side (Paula Tomi, Adrian Ludușan, Adrian Biriciu, Nora Grigore, Gigi Ștefanov – speakers, Mihai Rusu, Alexandru Dragomir, Andreea Popescu, Bianca Savu, Sergiu Spătan, Dan Zeman – commentators). For the first time, this year’s meeting also features a keynote speaker: Professor Mircea Dumitru, from the University of Bucharest.

The event is organized by Paula Tomi, Miljana Milojević and Adrian Briciu, with the support of the Department of Philosophy, University of Bucharest and of the Institute of Research for the Humanities (IRH-ICUB).

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The program and the abstracts are available here.