2014 Call: International Postdoctoral fellowships (for Non-Romanian citizens)


The selected projects are:

  1. Tzuchien Tho, “Vis, Vi, Vim: Declinations of Force in Leibniz’s Dynamics”;
  2. Iordan Avramov, “The Early Royal Society of London and their Queries for Natural History”;
  3. Divna Manolova, “Curiosity and Polymathy in Byzantine Discourses of Science and Philosophy (13th–15thCenturies).

They were selected from a number of 8 candidates and they will start working in our institute in the next few weeks (February 2015).

2014 Call: International Postdoctoral fellowships (for Non-Romanian citizens)

These post-doctoral fellowships awarded by the University of Bucharest aim to provide career development opportunities for researchers who have an excellent record of research. Four such postdoctoral Fellowships in sciences and humanities are offered each year.

The awarded fellowships will be hosted by the Institute of Research of the University of Bucharest (ICUB), distributed as such:
1. Institute of Research in the Humanities (philosophy, history, literature and philology, foreign languages, theology and religious studies). Contact: Mihnea Dobre, email: mihnea.dobre@icub.unibuc.ro; humanities@icub.unibuc.ro.
2. Institute of Research in the Social sciences (business and administration, law, journalism, sociology, social assistance, psychology, pedagogy, and political sciences). Contact: Marian Zulean, email: mzulean@faa.ro; mzulean@yahoo.com.
3. Institute of Research in the Sciences (mathematics, computer sciences, physics, chemistry). Contact: Andrei Paun, email: apaun@fmi.unibuc.ro; andreipaun@gmail.com.
4. Institute of Research for Life Sciences, Environment, and Earth Sciences (biology, geology, geography). Contact: Carmen Chifiriuc, email: carmen.chifiriuc@gmail.com.

Postdoctoral fellows have no formal duties. They are expected to reside in Bucharest and undertake full-time research in an office provided by the ICUB. The research activity of postdoctoral fellows will be oversaw by a supervisor from the University of Bucharest (the applicant should contact the supervisor in advance). At the end of the period, the postdoctoral fellow is expected to have two papers accepted in international journals relevant to his/ her field of research.
ICUB is an international and interdisciplinary environment. The application procedure and the project is expected to be submitted in English, although the project proposal can cover research that will eventually be published in German, French or Italian. The quality and relevance of the project is decisive in the award of the fellowship.
Applications from women and early stage researchers are especially welcomed.

– a monthly stipend of 880 euro/ month.
– an office at ICUB.

The annual fellowship is awarded for a maximum 12 months.

Candidates should be non-Romanian citizens.
Candidates should hold a doctorate at the time the fellowship begins.

All candidates are required to send:
– an application form.
– project proposal (maximum 1000 words).
– summary of the dissertation.
– a copy of the Ph.D. diploma.
– a copy of the passport/ ID card of the applicant.
– a reference letter from an academic supervisor from the University of Bucharest.
– a letter of acceptance from one of the departments at ICUB.

All application materials must be submitted no later than January 5, 2015. The results will be announced by January 16. The successful candidate is expected to come to Bucharest by March 1. The scholarship will effectively begin from February 15.


Note that this page is under construction and the information available here will be updated.