Yearly report 2016

Humanities Division (IRH-ICUB)


In accordance with ICUB’s general mission, the Humanities Division had five major objectives for 2016. Three of these objectives regard our contribution to the scientific excellence and international competitiveness of the University of Bucharest. The other two regard our contribution to the improvement of the institutional culture of the University of Bucharest.

Publications and scientific excellence

Our first and foremost objective is promoting scientific excellence, through publications in high-profile international journals. And we are proud to report that, in 2016, our fellows, visiting professors, associated and affiliated members have published in very high profile journals, such as British Journal for Philosophy of Science, Synthese, Studies in history and philosophy of modern physics, and Studia phaenomenologica. We can also report a good number of book chapters published or accepted for publication in special issues of collections of articles published by prestigious international publishers such as Brill and Springer. The members of IRH-ICUB have also published two books/colections of articles, with Springer and Peeters Publishers (Leuven).

For a more detalied report please see IRH-ICUB Publications.

For the complete activity report of the CNCS  Research Grants carried out at IRH-ICUB, please see the pages:

Phenomenological Approaches to the Anthropological Difference

Philosophy between Mathematical Method and Experiment: the Berlin Academy (1746-1764)

An Intellectual History of the Imagination: Bridging Literature, Philosophy and Science in Early Modern and Enlightenment England

Networking and international visibility

During 2016 we have organized and co-organized 4 international conferences and colloquia (in collaboration with the Department of Linguistic and with the Department of Philospohy) and 12 smaller workshops (of which one in collaboration with New Europe College). We have also continued our tradition of master-classes with a master-class on Principles on Western Thought. Our fellows, affiliated and associated members gave talks in prestigious international conferences (such as Scientiae 2016, Oxford, June 2016 or the European Society for History of Science Conference, Prague, September 2016) acknowledging the ICUB affiliation.

Mode details about our fellows’ talks here.

Grant writing, national and international competitions

The third objective or IRH-ICUB regards grant writing and the participation in national and international competitions. We had a relatively high number of grant proposals in the last PCE competition and 5 of the 6 proposals were so far selected for going in the second round of evaluation.

Our contribution to the institutional culture of the University of Bucharest

Our fourth objective for 2016 was to work towards the establishment of a more integrated institutional culture in the research community of UB – through organizing common events with the faculties, workshops, colloquia and seminars, helping research centres from various faculties with organizing conferences etc. We have increased the number of events and common projects co-organized with faculties. We have contributed to the organization of the annual international conference of the Department of Linguistics and have organized a number of events with the Department of Philosophy, and with the Faculty od Foreign Languages and Literature.

Media coverage: IRH-ICUB in the press

More details here.