Digital Humanities


The series on Digital Humanities (DH) hosted by the IRH-ICUB aims to explore various tools, methods, and research challenges at the crossroads between the traditional humanities and digital methods. It offers a venue for discussing projects and study cases. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the field, the IRH-ICUB DH series encourages a roundtable discussion format, with papers on various disciplines and diverse case studies.

Topics to be explored:

  • Digital research tools in the Humanities
  • Dissemination of results: Digital vs Traditional models of dissemination in Social Sciences and Humanities
  • In the archives. Challenges of the digitization process
  • Cleaning the Data. Databases in Digital Humanities
  • Conceptual Models and Planning a Digital Project
  • Research projects and digital infrastructure
  • Forms of visualization

The meetings of the DH series will take place every month. The series is organized by Mihnea Dobre and Timothy Tambassi.

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Program (Thursday, 11:00-13:00):


November 2017

02 November – Crystal Hall (Bowdoin College), Computing Galileo’s Library: The Humanities’ Role in Shaping Computation


This presentation explores the creation of a digital humanities project as an opportunity for humanists to intervene in design thinking in ways that have broad ramifications. The case study of building an interactive, digital laboratory for the study of Galileo Galilei’s library, offers a way to assert the value of ambiguous and missing data, database design for exploration rather than retrieval, and experimentation via historical epistemologies. Examples will be drawn from Galileo’s works and books related to literature and natural philosophy from early modern Italy.




December 2017

DH 7 dec

07.12. – Octavian Gordon (University of Bucharest), A Possible Digital Lexicographical Tool for Classics





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