The Permanent Seminar on Recent Phenomenology

Convener: Christian Ferencz-Flatz (University of Bucharest).

In the past few decades, phenomenological research has dispersed in a variety of theoretical positions more or less ambigously claiming its legacy. Responsive phenomenology, analytic phenomenology, feminist phenomenology, post-phenomenology, critical phenomenology, neurophenomenology, nouvelle phénoménologie and Neue Phänomenologie are but a few of its versions. The seminar intends to address recent and eventually marginal programmatic writings in the field of phenomenology attempting to redefine the practice of phenomenological philosophy in our present day context. As such it aims to serve, on the one hand, as a means for getting hold over a field that has become increasingly hard to overlook; on the other hand, it should help build up a stable working group of (junior and senior) researchers interested in confronting the contemporary prospects of phenomenological thinking.


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The seminar meets weekly, on Wednesdays, from 18.00 at 1 Dimitrie Brândză St..

First meeting: Wednesday, 31 October, 18.00.

Contact: Christian Ferencz-Flatz – christian.ferencz(at)