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The IRH-ICUB is a research division of The Research Institute of the University of Bucharest. Our mission is to promote and stimulate outstanding research in the humanities. The institute encourages international projects in disciplines such as history, philology, philosophy, intellectual history and religious studies, as well as interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary projects.

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For more details about the ICUB events, please see http://icub.unibuc.ro/

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This week at the IRH-ICUB

IRH-ICUB Seminar, Consciousness and Cognition: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Tuesday, 25 April, 17h – Dr. Alexandra Varga, A Reasonable View of Human Rationality: Integrating Logic and Psychology

Friday, 28 April, 16h – Prof. Norbert Jaušovec, Increasing Intelligence (organised together with Drd. Adriana Braescu)

IRH-ICUB Lunchtime Seminar

Thursday, 27 April, 14h –Viktor Ilievski (IRH-ICUB Fellow), Freedom and Determinism in Plato’s Myth of Er

IRH-ICUB Seminar, Early modern concepts of history and practices of historical writing

Friday, 28 April, 18.30 – Historical Pyrrhonism and the rebuilding of faith in history

IRH-ICUB Visiting Professors Fellowships awarded in April 2017

The Institute of Research in Humanities (IRH-ICUB) is proud to announce the visiting professors fellowships awarded in April 2017:

Prof. Roberta D’Alessandro (Utrecht University) – Hot Topics in Romance Syntax

Prof. Roberto Giuntini (University of Cagliari) – Fuzzy and Quantum Degrees of Truth

Prof. Stefano Gulizia (C.U.N.Y.) – Galileo’s People: Mapping Scientific Networks and Reading Practices in Early Modern Italy

Prof. Jennifer Radden (University of Massachusetts Boston) – Defining Mental Disorder

Prof. Donca Steriade (MIT) – Romanian phonology and morphology

Prof. Matteo Valleriani (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin) – History of Quantification in Science 


ICUB Fellowships for Young Researchers awarded in April 2017

The Institute of Research in Humanities (IRH-ICUB) is proud to announce two new fellows:

Svetlana Tsonkova – Human Agency in Verbal Magic in Bulgaria and Romania (17th – 19th century), fellowship awarded for 12 months

Cătălin Țăranu – The Many Battles of Maldon: Historical Truth and the Emergence of the Event in Early Medieval History-writing, fellowship awarded for 12 months

Roundtable Discussion on Rivers and Seas in European History, 5 May 2017

17349417_1222659764518837_653650804_oThe Institute for Research in the Humanities (IRH-ICUB) is pleased to announce a roundtable discussion on Rivers and Seas in European History, 5 May 2017, 11h.

The event will start with the lecture on “Ancient sea and river routes in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe” by Dimitris Michalopoulos (Institute of Hellenic Maritime History/IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor).

The lecture will be followed by a roundtable discussion on Naval History. Topics to be addressed: Questions of identity (a geographical expression), Commercial routes, People migration, Warfare, Sacred Places, Cultural networks, Piracy, Health, Knowledge (flora and fauna/ natural histories), Standardization (institutions, trade regulations), Mediterranean History, Atlantic Ocean, Black Sea.

Speakers: Ovidiu Cristea, Viorel Panaite, Silvana Rachieru.

Bucharest Graduate Conference in Early Modern Philosophy, 31 March – 1 April 2017

BGCEMP posterThe IRH-ICUB and the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest are happy to announce the 6th edition of the Bucharest Graduate Conference in Early Modern Philosophy.

31 March – 1st of April 2017

Keynote Speakers: Sarah Hutton (University of York)
Scott Mandelbrote (University of Cambridge)
Tinca Prunea Bretonnet (IRH-ICUB)

Venue: IRH-ICUB & Faculty of Philosophy

More details here.

Masterclass on Isaac Newton: Historian and Philosopher

Newton posterInterdisciplinary masterclass

March 30, 2017

Invited speakers: Sarah Hutton (University of York), Dmitri Levitin (University of Oxford), Scott Mandelbrote (University of Cambridge).

The Institute for Research in the Humanities- ICUB, University of Bucharest is pleased to announce a one day intensive, interdisciplinary masterclass, focusing on published and manuscript writings of Isaac Newton. The day will combine more formal lectures with reading groups on texts distributed in advance. Discussions will cover questions pertaining to Newton’s theology, Newton’s humanist methods, Joseph Mede’s influence upon Newton etc.

More details and programme here.