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About Institute for Research in the Humanities

The IRH-ICUB is a research division of The Research Institute of the University of Bucharest. Our mission is to promote and stimulate outstanding research in the humanities. The institute encourages international projects in disciplines such as history, philology, philosophy, intellectual history and religious studies, as well as interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary projects.

Digital Humanities Series – Octavian Gordon (University of Bucharest), A Possible Digital Lexicographical Tool for Classics, 7 December 2017

DH 7 dec7 December, 11h – Octavian Gordon (University of Bucharest), A Possible Digital Lexicographical Tool for Classics

The series on Digital Humanities (DH) hosted by the IRH-ICUB aims to explore various tools, methods, and research challenges at the crossroads between the traditional humanities and digital methods. It offers a venue for discussing projects and study cases. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the field, the IRH-ICUB DH series encourages a roundtable discussion format, with papers on various disciplines and diverse case studies.

More details about the Digital Humanities series are available here.


IRH-ICUB Fellowships and Grants

The IRH-ICUB is happy to announce the fellowships and grants awarded in November 2017:

Fellowship for Young Researchers:

Justin Begley – Margaret Cavendish, The Last Natural Philosopher, fellowship awarded for 12 months

Oana Cojocaru – Becoming adult: the ambiguity of adolescence and youth in Byzantium (eighth to twelfth centuries), fellowship awarded for 12 months

Alessandro Nannini – Sulzer and the rediscovery of the obscure in the German Enlightenment, fellowship awarded for 12 months

Ana Petrache – The Eschatological Shape of Political Imagination, fellowship awarded for 12 months

Young Researchers Grant (UB):

Adina Camelia Bleotu – Experimental Pragmatics for Romanian

Alexandru Nicolae – Towards a uniform syntactic analysis of modal verb configurations in Romanian

Rethinking Disease. New Theoretical Foundations for Clinical Treatment, 10 November 2017

Rethinking Disease orarOrganizers: Dr. Alexandra Pârvan (University of Pitești) and Professor Jennifer Radden (University of Massachusetts, IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor)

Spanning the disciplines of psychiatry and philosophy, medicine and the humanities, this one-day conference introduces new ways to construe psychiatric categories from a “post-psychiatry” viewpoint, one that looks beyond DSM and ICD-type approaches, and traditional explanatory models, towards a focus on person-centered clinical care informed by sociology of knowledge, medical anthropology, metaphysics, phenomenology and art.

More details here.

Digital Humanities – Crystal Hall (Bowdoin College), Computing Galileo’s Library: The Humanities’ Role in Shaping Computation

22497545_1486665248047458_1495380118_n2 November, 11 h

This presentation explores the creation of a digital humanities project as an opportunity for humanists to intervene in design thinking in ways that have broad ramifications. The case study of building an interactive, digital laboratory for the study of Galileo Galilei’s library, offers a way to assert the value of ambiguous and missing data, database design for exploration rather than retrieval, and experimentation via historical epistemologies. Examples will be drawn from Galileo’s works and books related to literature and natural philosophy from early modern Italy.


IRH-ICUB Visting Professors, 2017-2018

The IRH-ICUB is happy to announce the visiting professors fellowships awarded in October 2017:

Prof. Nancy S. Jecker (University of Washington) – Philosophical and Practical Challenges of Decision Making for Elderly People with Dementia (December 2017)

Prof. Cornelia Ilie (Malmö University) – Pragma-Rhetorical Approaches to Political Discourse (March 2018)

Prof. Sorin Bangu (University of Bergen) – Philosophical Issues about the Roles of Mathematics in the Sciences (June 2018)

ICUB – MPIWG workshop on Graphs, Networks and Digital Humanities, 8-11 October 2017

22181305_1863536353659958_2806493548237367213_oThe Research Institute of the University of Bucharest (ICUB), the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) and the ICUB research group on graphs and social networks (GraphNets) will organize, between 8 – 11 October, the international workshop on Graphs, networks and digital humanities. The workshop will be held at Casa Universitarilor (46, Dionisie Lupu St., Bucharest).

 Graphs, networks and digital humanities is a three-day international and interdisciplinary workshop for academics, researchers, post-doctoral students, PhD candidates and other interested participants, irrespective of their research fields, attracted by the idea of exploring the theoretical and applied nexus among social sciences, humanities, mathematics and computer science, under the umbrella of network analysis. The workshop provides a general platform for discussions and talks on the specific ways of applying network analysis to a great variety of research topics in the field of social sciences and humanities.

More details here.

IRH-ICUB Seminars

New Seminars series at the IRH-ICUB:

Images of the Knowledge System Pivoted Around Cosmology. A new form of codification of practical knowledge and its (practical) function from the 14th to the 17th century 
Optional intensive course, level: master and PhD students, but the course is also open to undergraduates
Lecturer: Matteo Valleriani (Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Berlin, & Visiting Professor, IRH-ICUB October 2017)

Reading Nature With Aristotle, Optional intensive course, 12 October  – 2 November
Lecturer: Stefano Gulizia (CUNY / IRH-ICUB Visiting Professor)

The Birth and Development of Theodicy: Plato and His Successors
Convener: Viktor Ilievski

Adorno’s Early Phenomenology
Convener: Christian Ferencz-Flatz

The Following Seminars will reopen in October-November:

Consciousness and Cognition: An Interdisciplinary Approach 
Convener: Diana Stanciu

Medieval Europe and Beyond
Conveners: Marian Coman and Ionuț Epurescu-Pascovici

The grant proposal: from research design to writing strategies
Organized by Lorena Anton, Mihnea Dobre, Ionut Epurescu-Pascovici

Memory: From Brains to Narratives
Convenor: Lorena Anton

Digital Humanities Series
Organized by Mihnea Dobre and Timothy Tambassi.