Memory: From Brains to Narratives

In Greek mythology, memory—the goddess Mnemosyne—was the mother of the muses, thus having complete power over time, imagination, and all cultural activities. Since then, ordinary people as well as scholars have been intrigued and preoccupied with the power and place of memory, in its different types and forms. In recent years, the study of memory, both in its sociocultural aspects and collective manifestations, has determined the apparition of a transdisciplinary domain of social research, generally known as Memory Studies.

The seminar Memory: From Brains to Narratives is convened by Dr. Lorena Anton, being constructed as an opportunity for interdisciplinary discussions between specialists in anthropology, history, medicine, neuroscience, philology and linguistics, psychology, philosophy and sociology. Its aim is to bring together and deconstruct past and present ideas about the place of memory in human history, and to open doors towards the future of its contemporary evolution.

Contact: Lorena Anton – lorena.anton(at)

The seminar reopens in Spring 2017.

Past Events:

(S1) Tuesday, June 7 (15h30 – 17h30): Dr. Marius Stanciu, Extracranialism – Can Technology Substitute Internal Memory?

(S2) Tuesday, June 14 (15h30 – 17h30): Dr. Lorena Anton, Ageing, Memory and Wellbeing in Rural Romania

(S3) Tuesday, June 21 (15h30 – 17h30): Dr. Diana Stanciu – Memory and Consciousness: A Few Philosophical Intuitions