The grant proposal: from research design to writing strategies

– an IRH-ICUB workshop series –

Mihnea Dobre (IRH-ICUB)

Ionuț Epurescu-Pascovici (University of Bucharest)

This series of workshops aims to provide a venue for humanities and social sciences researchers to meet, share their experiences, receive hands-on advice on grant writing, and collaborate on their grant applications for national and European calls. The series is addressed primarily to researchers in the early stages of their career (typically up to five years after the PhD). It is hoped that out of this workshop series a small community of researchers will emerge who will continue to offer mutual support for grant applications through constructive criticism and peer-review.

The first meeting (04.11.2016, 12.00, University of Bucharest, Blvd. M. Kogălniceanu 36-46, Sala Stoicescu). After brief presentations about the types of research grants for early-career academics, from postdoctoral fellowships to European Research Council Starting Grants, and the research-design strategies appropriate for each of them, participants will be invited to identify the areas that they particularly need help with (for example, tailoring their research proposals for different types of calls or adjusting to the conventions of English academic prose) in a roundtable discussion. The discussion will enable the organizers to adjust the contents of the subsequent workshops on grant writing so as to address the specific needs of the participants.

The following meetings (IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1) will discuss specific types of calls, such as Marie Curie postdocs, and general aspects pertaining to research design. The remainder three or four meetings will be conducted as interactive workshops on grant writing. After discussing specific aspects of English academic writing, from structure and organisation to style and diction, in the final meeting(s) the participants will be invited to volunteer their own work-in progress applications for discussion, peer-review, and editing. The hands-on nature of the writing workshops will enable the participants to apply in their own grant applications the lessons and strategies learned in the seminar.


  1. 17.11.2016 – 11:00-13:00 (IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1) Seminar on National Calls: Postdoctoral (PD) and Young Researchers Teams (TE)
  2. 08.12.2016 – 11:00-13:00 (IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1) Seminar on Research Design
  3. 15.12.2016 – 11:00-13:00 (IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1) Discussion of examples
  4. 12.01.2017 – 11:00-13:00 (IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1) After submission: positive and negative experiences
  5. 02.02.2017 – 11:00-13:00 (IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1) From Romanian to English: differences in academic writing style
  6. 02.03.2017 – 11:00-13:00 (IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1) Editing and Rewriting: some hands-on exercises
  7. 27.03.2017 – 16:00-18:00 (IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1) Presentation of the Humboldt Research Programs
  8. 06.04. 2017 – 11:00-13:00 (IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1) Examples of Application Writing
  9. 04.05. 2017 – 11:00-13:00 (IRH-ICUB, Dimitrie Brandza 1) Roundtable discussion on Grant Writing

To register (from the second meeting onward), please contact Dr. Mihnea Dobre (mihnea.dobre [at]